Blame it on the sunset (with apologies to the Cruel Sea)

I blame Abby.
It wasn’t until one night sitting at the bar at the Bentley Bar watching Abby make cocktails and martinis and quizzing her all the while that I thought I’d try a martini. She suggested a vesper which I thought somehow apt (ok the spelling’s totally different but it still held a soupçon of exoticism and it was my second cocktail). Well I was sold. Next time at the BB I asked Abby to create something for me with Millers gin and again she made me a gorgeous martini. And now I’m hooked. No more negronis for me, it’s martinis all the way.
Last night at Sipi I started with a wonderful lemongrass martini – dry with a hint of fresh lemongrass and of course beautifully presented with a small stalk of lemongrass in the glass.
Tonight we’re sitting at La Lucciola watching the sunset – a truly breathtaking experience and drinking the most wonderful ginger and lemongrass martinis. Dry. Hint of crushed fresh ginger and lemongrass. Delectable. Sophisticated. One of those drinks you just sip.I feel very grown up indeed.


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