The way back

Sitting here on our balcony drinking some rather rough Chilean wine (but better than the poor Australian offerings) and eating some delectable chocolates from Chocolatier in Melb, courtesy of our wonderful new friend Ruth Smith, patron of the afore mentioned Orphan Centre. It’s our last night here and I’m sad to be leaving. We’ve had the most relaxing time here at Alam Indah, and contrary to our friends’ advice I could happily spend two weeks here. It’s a haven of tranquility and I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed or content.
Tomorrow to Seminyak. Feels like a retrograde step back towards the bustle of ‘civilsation’. A step closer to returning to work. But in the meanwhile there are frogs and birds and crickets and the muted sounds of Balinese music in the distance. All else is just peace and quiet.
Happy Easter to you all.


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