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Seminyak: Kuta for the elderly
by taniajl
I can’t believe that people like this place. It feels like a cross between Noosaville and Lakes Entrance. Shop after shop after shop selling ‘holiday’ clothes I can’t imagine anyone buying. But clearly they do. There’s no accounting for taste (or the lack thereof). And then of course there’s all the usual tourist rubbish: cheap thongs, sandals, bangles & beads. And the fakes. I was surprised to see so many Polo shops until I realized they weren’t Ralph Lauren- they were the gaudier Chinese versions. Astonished too to see a Paul Smith store. Went in to see if perhaps I could afford something – of course there wasn’t a single item that even vaguely resembled a Paul Smith garment. More fakes. But they seem to get away with the branding.

So no shopping. But we did find wine.

The people watching can be interesting: in a cafe a group of 10 loud large Australians (with their overly fed offspring) were negotiating tables and chairs in a tiny place that was set up for mostly 2 pax. Then oF course they all had to decide on what to eat and drink. Loudly. We moved to the other side of the cafe where I was transfixed by an elderly man in an emblazoned black t-shirt, colorful tattoos all the way up his arms and many silver bangles & necklaces. Poor guy. I almost laughed out loud when he had to put on his reading glasses and reveal his mid(late) life crisis. Then there was the Frenchman clearly oggling the young Indonesian waiter. He had badly died hair, sweat pants rolled up and cheap plastic sandals with socks. What a sight.

But our villa is nice (except that the pool is at bath temperature) and the other people staying here very friendly (4 villas in a small complex). And today we spent the day at the beach watching inexpert surfers catching waves (this is obviously an ideal place for people starting out) and spent some happy hours jumping waves, reading, drinking and eating fresh tropical food.

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