Changing the world in little steps

Had dinner last night watching a performance of the Ramayana performed by orphans. The accompanying brochure was woeful – badly written English translation & poor quality reproduction (a b/w photocopy). I couldn’t help myself and offered to create something nicer for them. Turns out the orphans attend a day centre assisting them to complete their education, supported by a lovely Melbourne couple – a surgeon and his wife, a midwife. Today we visited the orphan centre – a school doing amazing things with very little money grateful for whatever can be done. Seems to me we’re all so ready to help kids in far off countries (think World Challenge in Cambodia & Thailand) but nothing here on our doorstep.
M & I have now taken up their cause. I’m interested in doing what little I can -creating some brochures and trying to get some local books published. Will be grateful for any support in this enterprise, eg a set of Velcro stick on dots (which they can’t get here) to help them mount an exhibition of the kids’ artwork; a scholarship prize of $15 will buy 4 books. $10 buys a school uniform- of which under Indonesian law they need three. About $100 per annum covers their primary school fees.
The kids learn traditional dance at the centre, and their earnings from performances are split 50/50 between the kids themselves and the centre’s running costs. The bulk of costs are still met by donations, but they’re working on a business plan to make the centre self-sustaining.
Really solid people, and worthy of support.


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  1. Ivan

    How is it that there are so many orphans? It’s not a tropical disaster area. Didn’t think Islam prohibited birth control? Seems to be a worthy cause of assistance. I can’t help with velcro dots or such stationery/paraphernalia but let me know if you want to set up a fund/account so they can draw from – I’m happy to donate the equivalent of what we consume at the Bentley Bar & Bistro in an evening! for starters…..It might even entice me to visit …..I too have vowed never to visit Bali but I suppose just like Malaysia & Thailand, it depends on the are one traverses. Enjoy

    • taniajl

      The further north you go in Bali the poorer & less educated people are. Women still die in childbirth. It’s only been fairly recently that midwifery is being taught and birth centers established.
      The equivalent of what we spend at the Bentley Bar would probably see someone throughout their schooling. Sobering, isn’t it.

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