About me

I’m Tania and I’m passionate about food, travel, art and style.  I started out as a visual artist immersed in the world of print-making – predominantly etchings – but then moved on to sculpture. I discovered a love of working with clay and creating abstract figurative forms which I would then cast.  I gradually moved on to casting with a mixture of concrete and marble dust but when I couldn’t find a ground floor studio (bags of concrete and marble dust are really heavy to move) I started painting in oil and using mixed media.  What began as just a dabble has since grown to a great need to create images.

More recently I started blogging – at first it was just a way of keeping friends and family updated about our travels but then grew into a number of blogs, on of which is my great passion for food.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and if you do, please take the time to either share or leave me a comment. Feedback is always welcome.