Happy days – long weekends

It’s a bright sunny morning and we’re on the road to Canberra to see the James Turrell exhibition. The road stretches out in front of us: miles and miles of cars. I always  wonder where they’re all going? It’s a long weekend so perhaps to holiday places along the way: Bowral, Mittagong, Berrima?  Or maybe they’re all going to Canberra too.

We set off early(ish), later than anticipated but that was entirely my fault. For some reason I can’t just pack and go. There’s always something else I think of:  another jumper (just in case); my water bottle; another scarf; and at the last moment just before heading out the door I decided that I may as well do my nails along the journey which meant finding all the necessary bits and pieces: nail file, buffer, nail polish remover, cotton pads and the right shade of nail polish. See: takes some time. Please note that unless the driver is considerate of the effort of painting nails in transit rather than negotiating the traffic, this can be very tricky. 

So travelling along, iPod plugged in Kaya Project playing, blue sky, warm car and traffic moving along nicely. What could be better?  (Perhaps the expectation of a glass of nice regional wine on arrival).

Happy long weekend – God bless the Queen!


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