It’s time for winter greens

The weather has started to turn cool.  There’s a decided chill in the evenings and the mornings are frosty, cold.  Too cold to pad about in bare feet and I’ve even had to put a throw rug onto the bed. Brrrr.  Daytimes though are sunny and bright and sometimes hot – 29 degrees the other day.  Balmy, autumnal weather – more like Indian summer than the emerging of winter.  When I browse at recipes all those hearty cold climate dishes just don’t seem right. Springtime offerings from the other side of the world seem more appropriate and so I’ve been eating more vegetable-based dishes, creating salads with kale, zucchini, asparagus, poached chicken, goat cheese and more.  Heartier than the summer ones and sustaining for the evening chill.

This week I made:

  • Kale salad with a dijon-tahini dressing for recipe click here
  • Chicken, zucchini, asparagus and cos lettuce salad with pine nuts
  • Soup (using the leftover poached chicken water as base for the stock) with kale, leeks, butter beans, peas and crumbled feta
  • Peppery chickpeas with South Indian spinach
  • Sloppy  polenta with a wild mushroom ragout.

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