I’m hungry!!

A few weeks back I embarked on a diet. Its one of those weird ‘eat as much chicken soup as you like’ diets with very specific foods each day.  Eg, the first day is fruit.  The second day is vegetables.  Third day is fruit AND vegetables.  Day 4 is bananas (you’re meant to have smoothies).  Day 5 is beef and tomatoes.  Can’t remember what day 6 is but day 7 has rice.  So essentially, no fat, no carbs, high protein.  Oh, and no alcohol. 

Hmm.  My chubby hubby needed to loose weight and I thought this was a good way to kick off a detox.  It has been many years since we had an alcohol free day.  Seriously. 

And so we began.  I made huge quantities of chicken stock and then made soup.  Surprisingly, fruit in the morning followed by soup at lunch time, more fruit in the afternoon and soup again at night was manageable.  As was the no alcohol.  Day 2 was challenging.  What to eat in the morning?  I ate so many sticks of celery and carrot – and of course soup but god I was hanging out for a banana.  I think I really needed a sugar hit.  The alcohol free day was tolerable (though I must confess I did feel like having a swig out of the bottle).    Day 3 was fine.  Day 4 we decided would be fruit and veg. I just couldn’t do the banana smoothie thing. 

And Day 5 was good – eye fillet with wilted spinach and oven roasted tomatoes and capsicum (I know it was meant to be just tomatoes, but honestly, there’s nothing like a bit of creative interpretation).

And then on Saturday we had dinner booked at Bambini Trust.  I had a delicious papadelle ragu – one of their signature dishes – accompanied with a bottle of St Emilion.  Oh, and a lovely Vespa martini to start.  So having broken the diet there was nothing to it but to continue in decadence on Sunday with real food and alcohol.

Since then we have been pretty much (more or less) sticking to this food regime Monday through to Friday and having weekends off. Its been both easy and challenging.  Is that an oxymoron?  I should clarify.  I’ve cooked some wonderful vegetarian dishes from Ottolenghi’s wonderful book “Plenty” – mostly using chickpeas and avoiding all starches.  Fruit in the morning has been good; a carrot and celery juice mid-morning; soup for lunch; fruit mid afternoon, and so it goes.  But I miss bread!  And those dips and biscuits I used to have with a glass of wine when I got home.  And sometimes I feel hungry.  But I know its not really hunger – its just a want for things (much the same as I sometimes just want a new pair of shoes).

On the plus side, chubby hubby says the fat is melting off him like the proverbial snowman.  He’s lost about 8 kilos.  I’ve lost a couple.  And our food bill has gone down.  And our wine stock has not diminished. In fact, now we’re running out of storage space!