What’s gone wrong at Ezard’s?

What went wrong?

We flew to Melbourne to celebrate my son’s birthday.  Five of us arrived for the second sitting on Friday night. I hadn’t been to Ezard’s in a while and was looking forward to a great night.

I don’t’ know what went wrong but the staff just weren’t on the ball.  We sat down and ordered a bottle of champagne and were intrigued with the condiments on the table.  We asked the waiter what they were – wasabi and nori, sugar and chili and a szechuan salt.  Interesting.  We dipped our fingers in them to taste.  There was no bread.  It took a little while for the waiter to notice – no bread. Kind of amusing I suppose.

I’m loathe to write anything else about this meal.  4 out of 5 of our main meals were badly overcooked.  3 were inedible. The Blue eye was actually burnt (no, not seared, burnt) on one side.  My pork hock was so tough I couldn’t cut through the meat, let alone the rock hard skin.  The accompanying spicy thai beanshoot salad was lovely.  Still, I wanted to eat the pork.  It was supposed to have been cooked in master stock and then fried.  Yum.   I have no idea how it tasted.  I couldn’t cut through it.  I let the waiter know.  2 others also sent their mains back.  The fourth person was hungry and ate her chicken but said it was very dry. We declined the offer of re-cooking. Its always awkward when some at your table have already eaten their meals and you’re still waiting for yours.

Things happen, food comes out overcooked. Sometimes.  Except that it shouldn’t happen at a 2-hatted restaurant.  And certainly not with 4 out of 5 meals.  That’s just inexcusable.  Clearly Teage wasn’t there.  But what about the Head Chef? Had he gone AWOL?  Maybe the kitchen was left in charge of the dishwasher. Or did they just not care?  There was no real apology.  They clearly weren’t embarrassed by it.  In fact, we were still charged for meals that we didn’t eat!!!

It left a very bad taste in our mouth and was a very disappointing night.

Fortunatley we were able to salvage it with a visit to Izakaya Den with some tasty morsels sent out by the chef and a bottle of sake.

So save your money, give Ezard’s a huge miss and go elsewhere.  After all, Melbourne is blessed with good eating places.