Champagne tastes

A friend emailed me to say that she was going away for a girls’ weekend and bringing a box of champagne.  Nice.  Very generous contribution.  Whilst awake in the small hours I found myself thinking about this.  Would she bring a case of the one champagne or a mix?

So I wondered what champagne would it be?  What was her favourite?  Everyone has their favourites.  My husband’s preference is for Mumm – lovely fine bead and yeasty flavours.  I prefer a more toasty champagne such as Roederer  or  Lanson. Though for those everyday occaisions (where $$ are a consideration) Piper Heidseick is nice.

I pondered this: would you just bring your favourite or take the opportunity to do some tastings – try a range of champagnes and compare?

5-6 women.  That means that at any given time you would need to open at least 2 bottles.  I reckon to be on the safe side you’d want to have 3. I tend to drink my first glass very quickly.  Hell, I drink the next glasses quickly too. There’s something about those bubbles that makes you just want more. Easy drinking I call it.

Whatever they do, I’m sure those women will have a hoot of a time.  I can just imagine them lounging on sofas, sipping champagne and giggling away – until they start to laugh uproariously as only a group of women can.


Breakfast – again

Its Tuesday – my work from home day.  I’ve been up and at the computer since 7.30am.  I’ve had breakfast (sliced tomato on sourdough toast), showered and have been busy attending to all manner of things (remotely).

And now I’m hungry.  There’s leftover chicken curry in the fridge.  And a pot of freshly cooked rice on the stove.  Perfect.  But is it too early to eat curry at 9.30am?  In India we started the day with idlis or dosas served with fresh chutneys and rassams or sambars – a great way to get you fired up and ready to face the heat outdoors. In southeast Asia we always have the local breakfast: a bowl of pho, nasi lemak, roti, congee – all hot, savoury and perfect starters.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth so biscuits don’t do it for me.  Don’t want more toast.  Fruit?  Nah, too cold.  Why not eat curry?  I could call it a late breakfast Indian style. Besides, its calling out to be eaten.  So curry, it is! The joys of working from home.

Here comes the sun

Saturday was a glorious day and driving back from yoga in the morning I just wanted to be outside enjoying the sun’s rays.  Our place is dark. And cold.  Great in the heat of summer, but not so good when I want bright light and sunshine.  The courtyards face the wrong way.  They get sun, but not when I want it.

So it was off to the park with a basket  – crusty fresh bread, tomato sliced with a generous pour of olive oil (for bread dipping), some goat cheese (recently discovered a lovely aged French goat cheese that comes in a lovely bamboo container), a bottle of Italian white wine, a couple of sarongs and cushion to lie on and the weekend papers.  What could be simpler?    It was glorious.  Our local park is large with oak trees providing ample shade and nicely grassed for those of us who love to bask in the rays of the sun.

I was engrossed in my reading but could hear a repeated thump/thwack noise.  I looked up and saw a boy hitting a tennis ball against the brick wall of the pergola.  There were couples strolling by and families with prams, quietly chatting away in a myriad of languages.  How perfect, I thought.  A park for all reasons. And blissfully I returned to my reading, enjoying my food, wine and sun.