I need a holiday!


It’s my last day in Ubud. 7.30am and I’m still in bed. Admittedly awake since the sun came up and the roosters crowed but still lazing in bed. Can’t face early morning yoga. Can’t face yoga period. I’ve done 10 classes in 5 days. That’s 4 hours a day. 40 hours over 5 days. I’ve been stretched and twisted and challenged and wrung out. I thought yoga here would be a breeze and I’d be relaxed and comfortable. Hah! There are some serious heavy duty yogis here. I’m just a novice. The things people can do with their bodies – amazing.
I don’t aspire to ever get there but it has been good to give it a go. And I do feel stronger. But my body is sore.
There have been same amazing teachers who push and challenge. There’s no room to hide or not try. It’s like Nike (just do it).
I also did a really weird class. Yesterday morning I felt I couldn’t do hard core and thought I’d take the easy option –  Hatha yoga. Except this was Hatha with a twist: tantric. Ancient yoga that came with a warning that serious energy gets shifted and that some people find it deeply disturbing. In other words: magic. 
Well, I was there and didn’t really want to come back later (there was breakfast to factor in), so I thought I’d give it a go. Whoa! It was seriously weird. In fact it was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced.  The teacher – and her 3 acolytes – sat with their eyes closed emitting strange sounds, bodies jerking as though possessed. And that was just the beginning. I had no idea what to make of it. It was supposed to be a purification practice – a detox. It was just plain weird. And it has sworn me off trying classes I know nothing about. There are so many of them here- catering for all levels of weirdness. Ubud seems to be the place where lots of weird people come (obviously the tantric yoga practice had no effect on me – one of its goals being the dropping of judgement).

So now I’m sitting on my balcony overlooking the rice paddies, enjoying  a leisurely breakfast and planning the remainder of my day. Thus far all I can manage is a much needed massage. I feel like after all this I will need a holiday!