Sounds of silence


Muezzin – that’s the call to prayer. 5 times a day. There must be at least 5 mosques in the immediate vicinity of our little villa (located in a kampong in the heart of Yogyakarta) and to our horror yesterday we discovered that they all send out their call to prayer over their loudspeakers. Some less expertly than others. Well, mostly so. It just sounded like pregnant cows in labour. This morning I think they conducted the entire service over the loudspeaker. There is no possibility of sleeping through it.

And so here I am sitting having coffee on our verandah after a morning swim listening to the more dulcet tones of the rooster next door. And the birds. People keep them in cages and pay a lot of money for them. They’re song birds and provide a most beautiful musical background – that is if you can shut out the sound of the old cock next door and the motorbikes as they slowly make their way along the narrow lanes.

Oh well. Time for another swim and then off to find some earplugs. I imagine it’s a thriving business here.


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