Stratospherically high end cooking’

Feeling too lazy to get a taxi to the various must do dining spots in Seminyak we strolled up the road to a French restaurant that was recommended on a list of ‘best’ eating placed ranging from budget to expensive. This one was apparently very expensive, but not overly so by Sydney standards. It was a treat. Christian Vanneque is a chef from Paris and this is a quintessentially Parisienne experience.
The walls were lined with old bottles of wine. Beautiful starched white tablecloths and Reidel stemware. Tables squashed in tightly against a banquette and beautiful little table lights on all the tables. Food was very French- we shared a plate of escargots that were the best I have ever eaten. They were more like molluscs, plump and tender and served in a lovely parsley sauce that was neither too garlicky or too buttery with some lovely bread to mop up the sauce (good bread being a rarity in Asia). I suspect that if you didn’t know what you were eating you would instantly become an escargot fan. I then had the most wonderful steak tartare while M had tornados Rossini – decadence on a plate, the steak perfectly cooked and the foie gras on top just sublime. Our mouths were in heaven.
The wine list was very, very impressive (though mostly unaffordable with Margaux and St Emillions at around $600+). Still we managed to choose a decent 2005 Cotes du Rhone.

The food cost didn’t break the bank (high end Sydney prices) but the alcohol almost did: 2 martinis, bottle of red and 2 frangellicos for desert. But it was worth every cent and I don’t think I’ve had a better French dining experience. The food certainly leaves my old Melb favorite (France Soir) for dead.
Who’d have thunk! Redeemed my perceptions of Seminyak somewhat.